Kiev – the capital of Ukraine – is located on the banks of the largest Dnieper river in the country and is the largest city in Ukraine. The city streets are wide, ancient buildings are spread throughout the city and the city center is well preserved and maintained.

The main street of the city – Krasztik – is closed for transportation on Sundays and allows many families and people to walk on it as a promenade with events, street performances, music sessions and food stalls.

The city is full of spacious well-kept parks that often contain attractions and allow you to spend your leisure time in a fun way.

Kiev is home to all the Ukrainian government and administration symbols and institutions and is a major hub of high-tech, industry, education, culture and a long history that located in every corner of the city.

The city has a well-developed transportation infrastructure – metro, taxis and small service taxis, all of which make it possible to move around the city easily, especially the metro subway, which allows it to travel almost all over the city quickly.

The city has many heritage sites including the Kiev Pitsersk Lavra Church, St. Sophia Cathedral and more.

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