Chernivtsi is a city in western Ukraine. It is situated on the upper course of the River Prut, and is the administrative center of Chernivtsi Oblast – the northern, Ukrainian part of the historical region of Bukovina. Administratively, Chernivtsi is a city of regional significance. The city has a population of 267,060 people.

Chernivtsi is currently viewed as one of Western Ukraine’s main cultural centers.

The city is also considered as one of Ukraine’s important educational and architectural cities.

Historically Chernivtsi was called “Little Vienna” and “Jerusalem upon the Prut”.

Chernivtsi is currently a twin-city with seven other cities around the world. The city is a major regional rail and road transportation hub with an international airport.

Wholesale and retail trade, industry and construction are successfully developing in Chernivtsi

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